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College Is the Perfect Time to Launch a Business...


College is an amazing time in your life when you are able to live on our own, make new friends, and try out new things.


Congrats to you for exploring your options for making additional income. Selling hair is a great way to make good extra income on your own schedule. Mane Elementz and HEW celebrate education and want to help you succeed.


If you are currently enrolled in a university, community or city college, cosmetology school or a trade school, you are eligible to get the lower wholesale prices with HEW.


After you sign up as a member for HEW, do the following to become eligible for the discount. Send a copy of your Proof of Registration or Enrollment Verification to


Once your enrollment has been verified, you will receive access to the college student HEW back office. PLEASE NOTE: Your Proof of Registration form will not be verified if you have not signed up to be a member with HEW.    

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